Payment Information

When is payment taken for my order?

Payment for your order will be taken for all in stock items within one hour of your order being placed. Within this time our banks will carry out various security checks to ensure your order is not linked to any fraud activity.

How long do refunds take to show in my account?

Returned orders will be refunded in full minus any additional shipping charges  within 48 hours. The money will then show back your account within 3-5 working days.

Why was my card declined?

The most common cause of a card being declined is that the billing address details used on your order do not match either your registered card address or your delivery address.

Payments using existing card details

If you have successfully made a payment via our credit/debit card gateway you will be able to reuse these card details on your next transaction by clicking ‘Use this card’. If you wish to use a different card you will simply need to click the ‘New card’ button on the payment page. Note: We do NOT store ANY credit/debit card details on our system for security reasons.